Single talks stand alone or can be combined for a day, weekend, or parish mission.                     ” I am the gate.” John 10:9

The Way Of Desire

Featuring the Four Levels of Happiness
Suitable for all ages 

The Four Levels of Happiness (aka the Four Levels of Desire) is an ancient philosophy considered by the likes of Augustine and Aquinas as a way to understand the deepest longings of the human heart . . . and why we get so lost in them.  By identifying what we most desire, and what we try to do to get it, we discover the truth about our relationships with God and others.  This powerful concept is also at the heart of John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body” and a doorway into the interior life; it’s also easy enough to teach your children! With it you’ll learn:

How and why you struggle with unhappiness in your relationships
What level of happiness has most control over you
How to identify your default responses to unhappiness
Common sense solutions to improving all your relationships
How to find greater direction, purpose, peace, and joy

The Way Of The Heart

Featuring the timeless teaching of The Four Temperaments
Suitable for all ages 

People put HEART into their relationships in four different ways, long identified as the classic “Four Temperaments”. These are one of the many mysterious ways we’re made in God’s image, with some people naturally reflect his robust, explosive power; others his quiet, hidden ways. It’s not pop-psychology; it’s real! Learning to speak the language of someone’s heart will improve every relationship and give you a life-ling tool to love others in the way they need to be loved. Author of Personality Plus at Work, Rose is a recognized expert on the temperament nuances, natural blends, birth order, masking, and more. PERSONALITIES is fun, funny, and amazingly accurate. It’s suited to any group—at home, work ,or church—because wherever there are people, there are personalities! You’ll learn how to:

Understand and identify the unique gifts of each temperament
Assess when strengths turn to weaknesses

Understand natural blends, birth order, and masking
Meet the deepest emotional needs for each type
Speak “the language of the heart” for each type
Best communicate so others will actually open up and listen
Better lead, follow, work with, parent, and love others

The Way Of The Bride

Featuring the Seven Stages of Romance
For teens and up

Every romantic relationship progresses through, or gets stuck in, seven stages as it advances toward the fullness of love. These stages are also those of the interior life where the soul, wooed by God, is like a bride in her openness and acceptance of him, or–if she fails to trust him–her fear and rejection. Drawn from the powerful spousal imagery in Scripture, and the audience’s personal experiences, this talk is for both men and women of all ages. It’s a life-changing concept if you let it in . . . and the end of this presentation will surprise you! You’ll learn how to:

Recognize the movements of “marriage” in all of creation
Understand the spousal analogy in Scripture
Identify where you’re stuck in your relationship with God and others
Let go of counterfeit loves
See the interior (spiritual) life as a bride – even if you’re a man
Take a bold, new look at Catholic Church teachings on love, sex, marriage … and liturgy!
Move forward toward richer love and greater happiness

The Way Of The Bridegroom

Featuring the Four Marks of True Love
For teens and up

The “Way of the Bride” reveals how the soul is to love and respond to her Bridegroom; the “Way of the Bridegroom” reveals the mysterious and beautiful  marks of his perfect love for her. This type of love is what every heart was made to desire but which has been forgotten or, worse, reinvented and even rejected. Drawing from Scripture’s spousal analogy and Pope St. John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body”, these four marks are easy to remember and can (and should) be taught to your children.  The message is for both men and women so they can understand the true nature of love, marriage, sex, and sacrifice. You’ll learn:

How to know if you are loving someone or using them
How to know if you are being used
How a man can best imitate Christ in his family and community
What distinguishes authentic marriage from other relationships
What must be present for a marriage bond to be considered “valid”
How the Catholic Church can declare an attempted marriage “invalid”
The “whys” of Catholic Church teachings on sexual morality, love, sex, and marriage

The Way Of The Rabbi

Featuring the Four Laws of Relationship
Suitable for all ages

Whenever anyone encountered, questioned, or challenged Christ, he responded to them in the same four wise ways that considered the whole person, had their best interest in mind, and showed respect and love—even if he turned tables or called them hypocrites. This charming but effective presentation draws from the story in Matthew of the rich young ruler who wanted to know the way to eternal life.  It’s simple, easy to remember, it will change your relationships, and it’s something you can teach anyone–even young children. Whether you are a leader at home, at school, work, or in the parish community, this presentation will show you how to:

Imitate Christ in dealing with others in four simple, easy-to-remember ways
Listen the way others want to be heard
“Hear” others with your heart

Take charge in ways to which others will respond
Easily explain complex truths to others

Respect and honor even those who may be attacking you
Rightly incorporate the principle of “detachment” in your life
Free yourself from unhealthy relationship patterns
Use your natural temperament to its maximum strengths

The Way Of The Cross

Featuring the Five Steps to Freedom
Suitable for all ages

No one wants to suffer, but it’s an inevitable part of life.  So what are we to make of it and do with it? The suffering that Jesus endured for us, freely and out of love, has eternal redemptive powers–his suffering saves us.  The Church teaches that bearing injustices and pain in union with Christ also has great power; in suffering not only can we find gifts that help us find peace and joy, we can come under the easy yoke and help the Lord continue his saving work!  This talk is based on the steps Jesus took along the Via Dolorosa, and who he met along the way.

The Five Steps are easy to remember and something to teach your children. Whether you are a leader at home, at school, work, or in the parish community, this presentation will show you how to:

See suffering in a new light
Find peace and even joy in the midst of relationship turmoil
Understand the value of the cross
Reconcile mercy and justice, which are not opposed
Find freedom from long-standing bitterness
Let go of life-long fears and burdens
Access powerful graces for yourself and others