” I am the gate.” John 10:9

The following SINGLE TALKS are doorways into the interior life. They are each Christ-centered, can stand alone, or be combined for a longer event. To create your own retreat, Contact Rose.

With the Four Levels of Desire

The Four Levels of Desire is an ancient philosophy considered by the likes of Augustine and Aquinas as a way to understand the deepest longings of the human heart.  This simple but powerful concept is life-changing and easy enough to teach your children! You’ll learn: Your primary level of happiness, how and why you struggle with unhappiness in relationships,  to identify your default responses to unhappiness, common-sense solutions to improving all your relationships, how to find greater direction, purpose, peace, and joy.

With the Timeless Teaching of The Four Temperaments

Why are those people so different from you? People naturally respond to life in four unique ways, each an image of something of God. It’s not pop-psychology; it’s real! The study of personalities is fun, funny, and amazingly accurate.  You’ll learn how to: understand and identify the unique gifts of each temperament, why strengths turn to weaknesses, understand natural blends, birth order, and masking, meet the deepest emotional needs for each type, speak “the language of the heart” for each type, and more.

With the Seven Stages of Romance

Every romantic relationship progresses through (or gets stuck in one of) seven stages as it advances toward the fullness of love. Drawn from the powerful spousal imagery in Scripture,  this talk is for everyone, married, single, divorced, widowed, or religious . . .  and has a surprise ending! You’ll: recognize the movements of “marriage” in all of creation, understand the spousal analogy in Scripture,  let go of counterfeit loves, and take a bold, new look at Catholic Church moral teachings on love, sex, and marriage.

With the Four Pillars of Love

Drawing from Scripture’s spousal analogy and Pope St. John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body”, these four pillars are easy to remember and can (and should) be taught to your children.  You’ll learn: how to know if you are loving someone or using them, what distinguishes authentic marriage from other relationships, what must be present for a marriage bond to be considered “valid”,  how the Catholic Church can declare an attempted marriage “invalid,” and more.

With the Four Rules of Relationship

This charming but powerful presentation draws from the story in Matthew of the rich young ruler.  It’s simple, easy to remember, it can change all your relationships, and you can teach anyone–even young children. This presentation will show you how to: listen effectively to others,  take charge in ways to which others will respond,  easily explain complex truths to others, rightly incorporate the principle of “detachment,” in your life, and free yourself from unhealthy relationship patterns.BOUNDARIES
With the Five Questions

 Most people understand and agree that healthy boundaries are necessary to protect something good, sensitive, or in need of healing, but when are boundaries bad? What makes them weak or useless, and what can you do when someone ignores or tramples past them? This talk explores how Christ dealt with boundaries and consequences and will give you practical skills to find freedom from fear,  find safety in all your relationships, understand the nature and demands of appropriate consequences, how to lovingly set and enforce them, and more.

With the Five Remedies

Grieving is the natural consequence of loss, and all of us experience loss. But not all of us know how to grieve well. Too often we see it as a sign of weakness and are told to stuff it, snap out of it, or get over it! But we know that even Jesus wept over the loss of his friend and the fate of his beloved people. This talk examines the remedies for grief given to us by St. Thomas Aquinas, with five specific steps to take to help soothe, heal, and re-order the mind, heart, body, and soul.