Theology of the Body Congress - 2014

TOB Congress – 2014

Inspirational speaker & motivator

My most passionate belief about people? Relationships THRIVE when we infuse them with the graces that flow from our religion.

All of my messages are about “Putting Your RELIGION In Your RELATIONSHIPS”, drawn from Scripture, and firmly rooted in the rich, spiritual treasures of the Church. Born a “Cradle Catholic” I then sadly became a “Cafeteria Catholic”, personally picking and choosing what I would…or would not…believe and follow. Thank God I finally realized the foolishness (not to mention the relationship pain) that came with a self-crafted faith and trying to be my own personal pope. As my deepest desires became rightly ordered I also discovered St. John Paul II’s powerful “Theology of the Body”, a rich study of the words of Christ that answered all the questions that had been burning inside me.

Especially in my work with those whose marriages have failed, I’ve been helping people integrate their faith into their relationships for over twenty years, offering the BEST-of-the-BEST topics that are easy to remember and get right to the heart of getting along with others. I’ve been a speaker at national conferences that include TOB Congress, NACFLM (Catholic Family Life Life Ministers), Catholic Divorce Ministry (NACSDC), and in 2015 at the World Meeting of Families. My talks are jam-packed with practical ways to bring holiness (which brings true happiness) into every relationship.

Published author 

My books have inspired thousands at home, in ministry, and in the workplace: singles, married, divorced, single-agains, and re-marrieds. I’ve been a guest on national radio and television (EWTN, Catholic Answers LIVE, and more) and have been published in magazines that include Woman’s Day and Focus on the Family’s Single Parent magazine. My latest on the four temperaments (a huge passion of mine!)  is Personality PLUS at Work, a joint work with friend and author Florence Littauer. Many of my books have been translated into other languages.

Divorce Healing DVDS

Divorce Healing DVDS

Pastoral teacher and advocate

I created the “The Catholic’s DIVORCE SURVIVAL Guide“, with 12 DVD shows featuring top relationship and spiritual experts. This healing parish program is now used in hundreds of churches in the US, Canada, and Mexico. I’ve been a guest expert on relationship healing on national radio and television shows (CNN “At This Hour”, NBC’s daytime talk show, “The Other Half”, James Robison’s “Life Today”, EWTN’s “Women of Grace”, “Living Right with Dr. Ray” and more). I know the challenges of marriage, divorce, remarriage, parenting, infertility, adoption, blended families, being single, dating, and even how to get along with those pesky people at the office. I advocate for people in the Catholic “Decree of Nullity” process and I remain active in parish ministries, including facilitating marriage prep weekends. I’m a member in good standing of the Catholic Society of Evangelists and an Affiliate Member of the Catholic Psychotherapists Association. Watch a short video of Rose HERE.

Cheesecake Factory!

Cheesecake Factory!

Wild at heart (in a good way!)

If you know the classic study of the four temperaments, I’m Choleric-Sanguine, which means I am naturally gifted at directing others but, never fear,  I will make sure we all have fun! I love my faith, family, movies, hearty laughter, beautiful music, scrumptious food, and fascinating stories (even if they are gross exaggerations!). I prefer mystery, drama, and thrillers, wishing LOST was never cancelled and that Downton Abbey would go on forever. I keep a clean house but don’t look in the back of my car. Love hotels, hate camping. Afternoon naps, yes. Good books? Too many to mention but anything by my favorite apologists (Chesterton, CS Lewis, Hahn, Kreeft, Spitzer, the whole gang at Catholic Answers, John Eldredge, etal) and some fiction favorites are Flannery O’Connor, James Patterson, and Dean Koontz. Intense talks about life stir me but I must come up for air after awhile. I believe men truly ARE God’s gift to women and I love being a woman. See’s dark chocolate nuts and chews are my temptation. Time at the tabernacle is my joy.

Our Wedding Day

Our Wedding Day

Civilly divorced, annulled, remarried

I’m honest about my own failed relationships and God’s sweet, merciful redemption. You’ll hear my testimony in some of my presentations and how only in later life did I surrender my heart to True Love. My husband, Bob, is smart, clever, funny, creative, zany, sweet, strong, and he makes me laugh almost all the time. The best part? He took the high road with me when it came to preparing for an authentic marriage. Bob is the iron-that-sharpens-iron, and I find myself striving to be a better woman with him. And of course I know I help to make him a better man! We live in the Southern California desert  where we enjoy quiet, warm weather, and tending to our garden of Aloe, Blue Agave, Ocotillo, and Prickly Pears.


  • Our Lady of Good Counsel, pray for us.