You’ve seen and heard her on Catholic radio and television! ROSE SWEET, CPC, is a warm, inspiring, and no-nonsense certified Catholic coach, conference and retreat speaker, and author of numerous books on relationship healing and strengthening.  Her wise insights spring from life experiences as wife, mother, author, retreat leader, teacher, and 30-year business owner and is deeply rooted in:

Catholic principles
Biblical truth

Ignatian spirituality
Theology of the Body
The Four Temperaments

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Learn skills to navigate through tough times and tough relationships (marriage, parenting, family), push yourself higher, or get fresh thinking, personal accountability, and friendly encouragement. You can work with Rose on the phone, online, or in person.   $100 for a 50-minute session

Life Coaching
Personal Retreat
Divorce * Remarriage * Blended Families
Annulment Coaching

Are you an entrepreneur, ministry leader, or coach looking to build a (better) business brand, create products, and update/create a professional website? No need to figure it out all on your own; Rose can coach you from beginning to end. BRANDING AND CONTENT.

Power up! Get noticed! Whether you’re new or already in the game, Rose’s intensive two-day author-speaker training is one-on-one and customized just for you. Become an inspiring speaker and launch yourself into a more successful and satisfying ministry or career. Info HERE

Coach your whole family, parish, or group! Rose draws from Scripture, St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, and the treasures of the Catholic faith, guiding others to “put religion into relationships.” With her heartfelt, humorous insights into the gospel, Rose will inspire your group to learn practical ways to bring true happiness into life and into every relationship. Create your personal or group event RETREATS and Parish MISSIONS.

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“I’ll never forget the first time I heard Rose speak; she was incredible and I was deeply moved and inspired. Rose also just happens to be one of my favorite guests on Catholic Answers LIVE! She not only boldly explains the teachings of our faith with example, story, and clarity, she’s the picture of gentle compassion for hurting people who struggle to incorporate Catholic truth into their relationships.”   Cy Kellett – Host of “Catholic Answers LIVE!” and author of Teacher of Strange Things
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You’ve heard her on Catholic radio and seen her on EWTN. Rose Sweet (certified Catholic coach, author, retreat leader, and conference speaker) is a sparkling personality who brings heart and humor to all her presentations. Her passion is assisting others to live their faith in the daily details by “Putting RELIGION into RELATIONSHIPS”. She’s authored numerous books on relationship healing and strengthening and is a certified life and disaster recovery coach. Her work is deeply rooted in St. John Paul’s “Theology of the Body” and she has been a speaker at the annual TOB Congress, the 2015 World Meeting of Families, USCCB’s 2017 Convocation of Catholic Leaders, and the TOB Virtual Conferences in 2020 and 2021. For more information go to

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Coaching is not licensed clinical therapy, legal, or medical advice.