A Catholic Woman’s Guide to
TEMPERAMENTS  (due 2022)
Fourth and final in the series! In this power-packed little book, Rose explores the classic “mother of all personality tests” so you can discover another sparkling facet of how you (and others) are made in the image of God. Think these quizzes are confusing at best and “pop psychology” at worst? Think again! Rose digs deeply into the timeless theory to dispel the myths about introverts v.extroverts, optimists v.pessimists, masking, birth order, and more. Know yourself and others more clearly, love them more appropriately, and catch another unique glimpse of God’s glory.

A Catholic Woman’s Guide to
Third in a delightful new series! In this beautiful book, Rose guides the reader into another adventure into the interior life to discover the secrets of successful relationships. It’s likely that some of your relationships may be stressing you out. Have you been deeply let down by someone you dearly love? Are you tired of recycled criticism or constant arguing? Hope is here. In this Rose Sweet shares some of her “golden nuggets” that expose the roots of relationship troubles and how to finally be free of them.

A Catholic Woman’s Guide to
Second in a charming new series! In this beautiful book, Rose guides the reader into another adventure into the interior life to discover the real meaning of romance. Are you single, looking, not looking, married, divorced, religious, or widowed? In a sense, it doesn’t really matter because every heart longs for beauty, love, and being swept away to a place of perfect happiness. Drawing on the mysterious truths of the Christian faith—and going deep into rites, rituals, and romance–Rose reveals some of the secret and surprising doorways into “happily ever after” for women of every age. Watch short VIDEO


A Catholic Woman’s Guide to
First in a series! In this charming book of heartwarming and inspiring stories, Rose guides the reader into an adventure into the interior life to discover happiness that never fades. Will that new hair style, dress, job, house, or relationship really make you happy? Far too many get lost on the journey to joy, stepping through doors that seem promising but often lead to nowhere . . .or worse. Drawing on the mysterious truths of the Christian faith—and tapping into the deepest desires of the heart—Rose shows the reader how to see the secret portals all around us that lead to “happily ever after” for women of every age. Watch short VIDEO


Personality PLUS at Work
How to Work Successfully with Anyone
Rose loves the “Personalities” (study of the four temperaments, blends, birth order, masking, and more) and you will, too. Together with friend and co-author Florence Littauer, Rose shares how to get along with anyone, especially in the workplace, in ministry, but also the family, including the spouse, child, ex-spouse or anyone you may find difficult to love! The authors weave fun fiction into their non-fiction study of the classic four temperaments; you’ll get to know eight characters as they progress through a “Personalities at Work” class taught by Rose and Florence. Includes a personal inventory and lots of helpful quick-charts. There’s even a surprise ending!

How to Make Your House a Home Again
After the initial devastation of a divorce it will be time to pick up the pieces, pack your bags, and rebuild your life: one brick at a time. Using the analogy of home construction, Rose shares real life stories to illustrate the practical steps to take. What, or Who, will be your “foundation”? Can you set and enforce healthy boundaries (walls)? How will you keep covered (roof) emotionally, spiritually, and financially? Rose also challenges the reader to clean out the “junk” in the head-and-heart “closets” and even “redecorate” the interior life.

Understand and Petition for YOUR DECREE OF NULLITY
A Little Book with Big Help
“Annulment” (Decree of Nullity) is a widely misunderstood topic that can bring out intense emotions. “How can the Church tell ME my marriage was valid or not!?” Based on her own experience–and her work as a lay advocate at the tribunal level–Rose reveals why the Church teaches what she does about love, marriage, divorce, and remarriage. Written with easy-to-understand stories, this book can help either the Petitioner or Respondent in an annulment case, or clergy, laity, and RCIA leaders who work with the divorced(and remarried). INCLUDES A COMPREHENSIVE HISTORY INVENTORY with those hard-to-ask or embarrassing questions.

Healing the Heartbreak of Divorce
How to Navigate Through Your Wild Emotions
Filled with real-life stories, this book will make you laugh, cry, and be deeply inspired and encouraged. “Rose has ripped through the surface issues of divorce and gotten right to the tender, bruised heart of a hurting person. She reveals not only the root reasons for the pain, anger, anxieties, and hurt people suffer from divorce, but brings the reader to a place where permanent healing can begin.” Don’t let the woman on the cover fool you . . . both men and women have found this to be a powerful aid in bringing real hope and deep healing.

Dear God, Send Me a Soul Mate
Eight Steps to Finding a Spouse God’s Way
Are you single or single again? Well, your search for a soul mate just got easier! Rose takes a new look at the Old Testament love story of Isaac and Rebecca and brings it up to modern day. The book addresses the myths about soul mates and how, truly,  there are a number of men and women who could be a suitable spouse for you. You just need some help in the search where God’s ways are always the best ways. Practical, biblical, and beautiful!

Healing The Divorced Heart
Daily Devotions for Hope & Encouragement
SHORT, ONE-PAGE PRESCRIPTIONS. Often those who suffer the “heart attack” of divorce fail to follow a plan of recovery. They allow the build-up of bitterness (depression or anger) to continue to clog emotional arteries. Just as the cardiologist orders medication, divorce recovery needs a prescribed course of action: rest, spiritual “medication”, and changes in routine, including more frequent reception of the sacraments (sources of deep healing). The book is full of practical advice, encouragement, and hope centered on daily doses of God’s Word. Topics including denial, guilt (real and false) loneliness, bitterness, forgiveness, the kids, finding love, and more.

Sanidad para el corazón del divorciado
Healing the Divorced Heart –  IN ESPANOL
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SURVIVING DIVORCE - 12 Week Parish Program

You need this in your parish!

SURVIVING DIVORCE: Hope and Healing for the Catholic Family features Catholic men and women sharing their true stories of finding hope and healing after civil divorce. From the initial shock and agony in Session 1 you will see them transformed as they share about discovering what really matters in life, how God’s love became real to them, and encountering Christ again in the sacraments…in some cases after 20, 30 years or more. Offering expert counsel in church teachings, theology, spiritual direction, and sound psychology are:

Rose Sweet – Catholic author, speaker, retreat leader, advocate
Dr. Ray Guarendi – Catholic psychologist, author, speaker, radio & TV host
Christopher West – Catholic theologian, author, speaker, husband/father
Fr. Steve Porter – Catholic priest, Spiritual Director, and star of “Divine Intervention”
Fr. Donald Calloway – Catholic priest, author, speaker
Fr. Mitch Pacwa – Catholic priest, author, speaker, TV host (EWTN)

Order the “Parish Kit” to start a 12-week support group at your church. We supply online support, webinar, and live training. We make it easy for you to bring God”s healing touch to the separated, divorced, their families . . . and ultimately to the whole community. Preview and no-risk trial here.

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