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    For over twenty years I've helped those struggling with all kinds of relationship distress, divorce, and even simple-but-chronic dissatisfaction with life. You know Christ is THE WAY to true peace and joy but you may often wonder how to better integrate your faith more deeply into the daily details. Come with me ... on an ADVENTURE INTO THE INTERIOR LIFE so you can "Put Religion in Your Relationships!" Join THE CLUB!

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What would you do? I have a dear friend who is deeply, emotionally attached to her wardrobe.  Growing up in the Great Depression, and having only three plain cotton dresses that came from a charity group, she’s always defined success and self worth as being able to have beautiful clothes with shoes to match every outfit.... Read More


My real-life friends, Greg and Julie Alexander, who survived a close divorce. Imagine with me: Hillary and Donald (careful now, not their real names) were high school sweethearts who married in St. Pat’s Cathedral in NYC. In love and on top of the world, their future was bright and sparkled with five beautiful children and... Read More


Freedom? Meh . . . no, thank you. Arnold Ray Jones got high weekly on crack cocaine the year before his arrest and he’d failed to complete several drug treatment programs. He was finally sentenced for drug trafficking in 2002 and has spent fourteen years of twenty in prison in Beaumont, Texas. This year he petitioned the... Read More


Because I said so. The words every child hates to hear. When I was two and Momma forbid me to take my little neighbor’s birthday present, I didn’t question her. A few years later, though, I was old enough to ask (demand), “Why?”  She explained that other’s possessions didn’t belong to me and that I had many other... Read More

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