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Rose Sweet

Rose Sweet


Since my blog is aptly named “Sweet Talk” it can’t hurt to post a much-requested, holiday dessert recipe: my Grandmother Riley’s Famous Fruitcake.  Since Grandma has passed, I can confess the tweaks I made in the version posted here:

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I changed out the citron for chopped dried apricots.
They provide a nice (and necessary) complementary tartness without the bitterness of the citron.

I reduced the candied cherries and added some dried cherries.
Richer and more elegant.

I only use Medjul (aka Medjool) dates.
Once you’ve tasted the rich, brown sugary medjuls , the other dates are, well, a  little blah. Here in the Coachella Valley, date capital of the world(!), the medjuls are known as “Queen of the Dates.”  More expensive, but if you’re going to go through ALL THE TROUBLE to make this, go all the way!

Better get this done NOW.
This cake must be refrigerated, and sprinkled with bourbon or brandy every few days,  for at LEAST 3 weeks.

RECIPE LINK: Grandma Riley’s Christmas Fruitcake

Post your pictures to FB and tag me!  Merry Christmas. xo

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