Dear Rose:
My husband and I argue frequently since he says I’m too soft on our daughters. They are both in high school and I like to make their breakfast and pack their lunches like I did when they were little and they both appreciate this. I also make their beds and do their laundry so they can have time for study and friends. I have the time and I love doing it for them. They both get close to straight As and are involved in sports and dance. Is it so wrong to show a little extra pampering to my girls? They are the center of my life! – Loving Mother in Ohio

Dear Loving Mother:
Can you come to MY house!?

Seriously, I know it feels good and is good to care for others (and I don’t know all the details) but maybe your husband has a point. Our job as parents begins with a lot of caretaking and doting but should continually move away from protection and more toward preparation for life.Parentings begins with caretaking and doting but should move away from protection and more toward preparation for life. Click To TweetBy the time our kids are grown they should be able to stand steadily on their feet. Your girls need to be ready to do the small, mundane (boring!) duties in life as they enter either the workforce or marriage and motherhood. Washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning, sewing, and grocery shopping. Handling money and credit cards wisely and creating and adjusting a monthly budget. Taking care of their cars and being a help to others in the family. And without complaining, demanding payment, and being able to find the small joys in them!

Rather than DOING so much for them, why not start TEACHING them and allow room for error and growth. These can also help them grow in humility, patience, and obedience, three virtues vital for a rich spiritual life! If their schedule is too full to participate in and learn household duties, cut some of the extras.  Learn to stand up to any whining or manipulation you may have permitted in the past. No future boss, roommate, or spouse will be cooking and cleaning for them.  Princesses don’t do well in the real world.

I suspect the reason you may not want to stop doing these things is that these precious girls fill you with love and validate your goodness as a person and a mother. For many years being their mom has given you a deep and joyful purpose in life. But your primary parental purpose is preparing them to become grown, capable women of virtue.

And, if you truly have made the girls the center of your life, where is the place for your husband? And where does God fit in? I know these can be difficult questions to ask and answer.

Ask God to help you shift your desires to want HIM first. You were created by him, for him, and you will return to him. We pursue so much good in our earthly relationships that we forget he is the Greatest Good of All and the best relationship. Then ask God to help you re-order your loves to put your husband back in first place where necessary. Your daughters are meant to take wings and fly away someday and it is your husband who will be at your side. Don’t worry . . . you’ll always be their Mom and you should never stop loving them. But begin to shift your mothering from care-taking to teaching. Then stand aside and watch them soar!

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