Love does not rejoice in wrongdoings but rejoices with the truth. I Cor 13:6

Rose Sweet doesn’t advocate for annulment,  but she does advocate for the truth . . . no matter what it is.
When shared life ends with civil divorce, the Church is here to help when parties want to determine if there was some grave defect in their marital consent. Such a defect may have prevented an authentic marriage bond from forming on their wedding day. It’s a complex, deeply personal, and oft-misunderstood topic that deserves sensitivity and lack of quick judgment. Some people violate their vows and have no grounds for either civil divorce or annulment, but others do have just cause; every case is unique. Either way, the wisdom of the Church can help both parties, and their families, move forward in truth and clarity.

For those who want to defend their marriage bond as valid
You don’t want an annulment (Declaration of Nullity) but someday your spouse may seek one, so it’s best to be prepared. If you didn’t want the civil divorce, wish to remain faithful to your vows, and defend your marriage bond in the annulment process, Rose can help. In a consulting role as auditor or advocate, she’ll explain the principles and the process and how to best participate. She can also help you face some of the difficulties of trying to live faithfully when the world is telling you to move on. A rich, full, and happy life is possible. Contact Rose for a free consultation.

For those who believe they may have cause for nullity
If one or both of the parties seeks closure or the possibility of remarriage within the Catholic Church, Rose can help you understand the principles and the process of finding and supporting–if possible–a defect in your marriage consent (when you said “I do.”) Was there something vital  for one or both parties that was missing or preventing a valid bond from forming on the wedding day? Addictions, conditions, grave fear, or force? Acting as a consultant as either auditor or advocate, Rose can walk with you and help clear up the confusion. Contact Rose for a free consultation.

For more helpful information, go to the “Catholics Divorce” website .

Rose has trained with the Diocese of San Bernardino and served as a lay advocate for nearly a decade in dioceses that include Oakland, Monterey, San Diego, Hawaii, and more. To assist the Church in its investigation, she helps people dig deeply and tell their story of family background, courtship, and shared life so they can cooperate with the tribunal.

Based on her experiences, Rose wrote an easy-to-understand  book  that can help you get to the truth. She says, “Please don’t go to ‘court’ without someone experienced and caring to advocate for you!”

While there’s never a guarantee of the hoped-for outcome, properly preparing and engaging in the process can bring great healing, forgiveness, acceptance, closure, wisdom, and grace–no matter the final decision.

Annulment Assistance
(Petitioner or Respondent) Includes:

1.0 – 1.5 hours intense intake (phone or Skype )
Caring and compassionate accompaniment
Clear explanation of Church teachings
Analysis & identification of (or rebuttal of)  possible grounds
Discussion and identification of best witnesses
Instruction on the overall process (reading the acts, rebuttal, and appeal, and more)
Written summary of interview for use in preparing testimony
How and when to discuss this with adult children

Contact Rose for help. Watch a short video of Rose offering hope and encouragement HERE.