No, it’s not some creepy Catholic thing about sex.  What IS “Theology of the Body?”

It’s a treasure map.
It’s a marriage manual.
It’s the key to every heart’s desires.
It’s a beautiful bible study, rich in spousal imagery.
It’s the answer to the very meaning of life!

It was the seventies and I was there, coming of age when the sexual revolution was coming full flower. What we thought we knew about being male and female, about love, marriage, sex, and babies, family, and even God, was being thrown out the window. Like furious fastballs.

It all sounded so good (!) and I bought into the seductive, enlightened lies. A few decades later I crashed and burned after multiple marriages and years of personal misery. I looked around: more depression, drugs, divorce, abortion, fatherlessness, unwed mothers, and addictive behaviors than our nation had ever seen. What the hell happened?

A passionate artist and brilliant playwright from Poland, who had become a Catholic priest and bishop, knew young people especially were craving meaning and above all, authentic love. He began to write and teach from the heart to answer their burning questions. Whatever they asked, he went there.

Eventually, he became Pope John Paul II (now a canonized Saint!) and in this new and international platform, he delivered much of his powerful and profound writings in a 5 year period from 1979 – 1984. Talks given in those weekly Wednesday audiences in Rome were assembled and given a name: “The Theology of the Body.” And they are for every body.

The talks drew from the words of Christ; they went back to the beginning, examined our history, and looked forward to the future. All to ask and answer these two fundamental questions:

1 – What does it really mean to be male and female, and first and properly understanding that,
2 – How do we then live to be truly happy?

“Theology of the Body” opened my eyes, answered the deepest longings of my heart, and gave me a practical and common-sense path to happily ever after. It is the underpinning of all my writing, speaking, and coaching. You and your family will be changed, too . . .  if you’re ready!


On May 8 – 10, 2020, the Theology of the Body Institute offered the first and largest virtual TOB conference. Speakers from around the world were invited to share their expertise, understanding, and passion for TOB.  I was one of them. Although the live conference has ended, you can still purchase the Premium Pass and access all of the talks and social gifts, perks, and benefits may of the speakers offered.

If you’re new to TOB, there is something basic and introductory for you. If you’re looking for something advanced, there are talks for you, too.  It’s an opportunity to binge on lots of short, fascinating videos on how TOB can change YOUR life!