Decree of Nullity

Decree of Nullity

When a marriage ends in civil divorce, and one of the parties wants full closure or the possibility of remarriage within the Catholic Church, the diocesan tribunal helps the parties investigate the “crash”. Experts come in and, in a thorough and sensitive manner, arrive at a decision of whether or not a valid marriage bond formed between the spouses on the day they said “I do”. Even if one has the best of intentions, perhaps one or both had the capability. Examining your history and your marriage through the Church process is one of the most misunderstood but one of the most beautiful ways of bringing deep healing regardless of the outcome. After divorce, many have submitted themselves in trust to the care of the Church and found peace. If you want to know more, go to the “Catholics Divorce” website .

It’s rewarding to help those who are considering petitioning for “annulment” (properly called a Decree of Nullity). Rose has trained with the Diocese of San Bernardino and served as a lay advocate for over eight years in dioceses that include Oakland, Monterey, San Diego, Hawaii, and more. In an effort to help the Church investigate the marriage that ended in civil divorce, she helps people dig deeply and tell their story of family background, courtship, and shared life so they can cooperate with the Church tribunal.

She wrote an easy-to-understand  book based on her experience with helping people to dig deeply enough to get to the truth of what happened to their attempted marriages. Rose says, “PLEASE don’t go to ‘court’ without someone experienced and caring to advocate for you!” Although there are excellent advocates in many dioceses, not everyone at your local parish or diocese may be qualified to assist you in difficult cases and you may need extra help. Sometimes Rose can work with you and your local advocate.

While there’s never a guarantee of the hoped-for outcome, properly preparing and engaging in the process can bring great healing, closure, wisdom, and grace–no matter the final decision.

Annulment Assistance

(Catholic Church Petition for Decree of Nullity)
$ 300.00 for initial intake interview (payable in advance with PayPal)

1.0 – 1.5 hours intense intake (phone or Skype ok)
Analysis & identification of possible grounds
Discussion and identification of best witnesses
Instruction on the overall process (reading the acts, rebuttal, and appeal, and more)
Written summary of interview for use in preparing testimony

$ 150.00 per hour (as needed)  if you and Rose mutually agree to various additional consulting
(quoted on a per case basis)

 Caring, compassionate intake interview, thorough explanation of process and identification of possible grounds for nullity, ongoing assistance in preparation and completion of written Petition or Response; consultation with diocesan tribunal (if necessary); assistance with witnesses and witness testimony; explanation of Church teachings, spiritual direction, and guidance from a Catholic perspective. More info HERE.

Call Rose for more information 760.831.6238 or use the contact form to make an appointment and for payment instructions through Pay Pal. Credit cards accepted.

Watch a short video of Rose offering hope and encouragement HERE.

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