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    For over twenty years I've helped those struggling with all kinds of relationship distress, divorce, and even simple-but-chronic dissatisfaction with life. You know Christ is THE WAY to true peace and joy but you may often wonder how to better integrate your faith more deeply into the daily details. Come with me ... on an ADVENTURE INTO THE INTERIOR LIFE so you can "Put Religion in Your Relationships!" Join THE CLUB!

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Brothers and Sisters When I was in my twenties and single I bought a double-wide mobile home. I was tired of apartments and could not yet afford a real house so, on my modest income as a real estate appraiser trainee, I fixed it up cute and cozy.  It soon became a haven for my younger brothers who were still stuck at our parents’... Read More

multitask-student THE EXTROVERT’S CURSE

I’m a double extrovert . . . and we are high-energy and hard workers.  It is not blood but adrenaline that courses through our veins! We can spin circles around people, get ten times the work done, plan light years ahead, and solve fifteen problems at once.  But the problem is (as with all of the classic FOUR TEMPERAMENTS)... Read More

passion-christ (1) THAT BLOODY CROSS

Our cantor adjusted his guitar, cued the pianist and adult choir, and learned into the microphone, saying: “Our entrance hymn will be ‘Lift High the Cross’ found on Page 376. Now, please stand as we begin our celebration of the Eucharist.” A thousand people rose and filled the church to the rafters with glorious singing.... Read More

images (1) FIGHT LIKE A MAN!

“Don’t fight him like a wolf! Fight him like a MAN!” These wise words come during a fierce battle from the brave black panther, Bagheera, to his young charge, Mowgli the man-child, in Disney’s latest live action, The Jungle Book.  The special effects were gorgeous and bigger than life, and the story was funny, sweet,... Read More

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