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    Do life and certain people keep getting in the way of your being happy? For twenty years I've worked with those struggling with all kinds of relationship distress, divorce, and even simple-but-chronic dissatisfaction with life. Christ reminds us, "I am THE WAY" (to true peace and happiness) but we may wonder HOW to integrate our faith more deeply into the daily details? Let me show you THE WAY. Join THE CLUB!

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images (1) FIGHT LIKE A MAN!

“Don’t fight him like a wolf! Fight him like a MAN!” These wise words come during a fierce battle from the brave black panther, Bagheera, to his young charge, Mowgli the man-child, in Disney’s latest live action, The Jungle Book.  The special effects were gorgeous and bigger than life, and the story was funny, sweet,... Read More

veronical wipes jesus 1 SIMON OR VERONICA?

From Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ” Every day people are carrying crosses up their own Via Dolorosa. They stumble, get back up, and fall again. And you are invited to give them comfort and aid. But are you helping or hurting? Heavy lifting helps! This Palm Sunday we’ll read again how Jesus, under the... Read More


“Rose, can you please come right away? I’m in the hospital. They say I have bleeding on the brain.” Oh, dear. After I finagled my way into the ICU, I found my sweet, eighty-seven year old friend lying in bed with a bruised and swollen face, stitches in her forehead, wired to flashing and beeping monitors, and in tears... Read More

angrywoman NO MERCY FOR YOU!

“I hate him!  I hope he burns in hell!” Gulp! How do you handle it when someone spits out such fury?  What do you say? What do you do?  I’ve heard this too many times in my twenty-plus years ministering to the separated and divorced.  Sadly, I’ve witnessed well-meaning but misdirected responses such as: Oh, dear.... Read More

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