multitask-studentI’m a double extrovert . . . and we are high-energy and hard workers.  It is not blood but adrenaline that courses through our veins! We can spin circles around people, get ten times the work done, plan light years ahead, and solve fifteen problems at once.  But the problem is (as with all of the classic FOUR TEMPERAMENTS) that our strengths can quickly become our weaknesses:

We can spin circles around others . . . and can leave them in the dust, feeling ignored, disrespected, and unappreciated.

We get ten times the work done . . . maybe forgetting the people involved, becoming angry, and exhausting ourselves and others in the process.

We plan light years ahead . . . and fail to stop and leisurely smell the roses here today.

We solve fifteen problems at once . . . and can get addicted to our own adrenaline.

The difficulty is never the temperament or the natural gifts that come with it.  What moves our natural strengths to weaknesses is faulty thinking,  like:

Getting things done is the primary goal of life.
If I achieve a lot, then I am a good/ worthy/ successful person.

Laziness and passivity are the worst sins.
I am responsible for (all of the idiots) these people and must keep them moving.
If I don’t do it/ fix it/ save it no one else will.

Faulty thinking sounds right because it always has SOME truth to it, but it is distorted.  Here is the truth:

Getting things done is vital, but it is not a primary goal of life. Including, respecting, and loving others in the process IS.

If I achieve a lot that can be good. But my worth is being made in God’s image and being loved by him. He doesn’t measure my workload.

Laziness and passivity are indeed sins, but not the worst.  Pushing, pulling, shoving, and walking all over others is pretty bad, too.

I am responsible for myself only . . . and maybe those in my care. But never to the extent I deprive them of the opportunity to do and think for themselves.

If I don’t fix it, maybe I can give others the time, space, coaching, and encouragement to fix it their way. It might actually be better than mine!

If you live or work with an extrovert, please forgive us for the times we have offended you.

Okay. Done reading. Back to work, everyone. Chop-chop!

* * * *
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