Parish Kit – Including the LEADER GUIDE


You need this in your parish!

The Catholic’s DIVORCE SURVIVAL program features twelve Catholic men and women sharing their stories of finding hope and healing after civil divorce. From the initial shock and agony in Show No. 1 you will see them transformed as they share about discovering what really maters in life, how God’s love became real in their lives, and encountering Christ again in the sacraments…in some cases after 20, 30 years or more. Offering expert counsel in church teachings, theology, spirutial direction, and sound psychology are:

Rose Sweet – Catholic author, speaker, annulment advocate
Dr. Ray Guarendi – Catholic psychologist, author, speaker, radio and TV host
Christopher West – Catholic theologian, author, speaker
Fr. Steve Porter – Catholic priest, Spiritual Director and star of “Divine Intervention”
Fr. Donald Calloway – Catholic priest, author, speaker
Fr. Mitch Pacwa – Catholic priest, author, speaker, TV host (EWTN)

Watch the DVDs at home or order the “Parish Kit” to start a 12-week support group at our church. We supply online support, webinar, and live training. We make it easy for you to bring God”s healing touch to the separated, divorced, their families . . . and ultimately to the whole community. Preview or try no-risk trial here.

  • Our Lady of Good Counsel, pray for us.