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MACY's "Believe" Campaign points us higher.

MACY’s Christmas “Believe” campaign points us higher.

When I go to Macy’s I want a good deal for my money; I want product to fit me well, last a long time, make me beautiful . . . and of course I would like a “gift with purchase” as well!

That’s exactly what you get with our Catholic faith and my speaking topics. Our religion is rich with time-tested, spiritual treasures and they are the basis of my work.  But for you to see value in them they must:

FIT YOU WELL  The content has to fit you, your lifestyle, and your natural temperament.  I want to help you address your worst fears so they have no power over you; to help you tap into your deepest desires so they point your heavenward. I tailor my message to each unique audience or group.

LAST A LONG TIME – Nothing stirs us, thrills us, or even scares us more than what God has to offer us. His love is what truly endures but we often forget or think can’t trust him. He longs for us and wants to set his seal on our hearts forever. 2 Cor 1:22  You were made for eternity so I will never deliver pop-psychology, feel-good heresy, or other “fluff” that falls apart in the hot water of life.

MAKE YOU BEAUTIFUL You were created to be strong in virtue, confident in your heritage, and happy in your work and relationships. But your true beauty (male or female!) comes from the interior life that is set on God and not stuck in frantic false pursuits. And that’s why you must learn to “Put Your RELIGION in Your RELATIONSHIPS”.

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