What do you do when unbearable grief comes crashing onto you?

The Italian theologian, Thomas Aquinas (1225 – 1274), is still celebrated today even by the non-religious as one of the most brilliant minds in Western thought, especially in natural theology and philosophy. He knew that man was NOT just a spirit trapped in a body/shell, but that body and soul were integral dimensions of the whole human person.

He also knew that what affected the soul affected the body . . . and vice versa.

The deep and profound thinker has given us an equally simple but profound path to navigating through grief in his “Five Remedies for Sorrow.”   They work . . . and you may be surprised at the No. 1 remedy.

Download your free .pdf below, post it on your fridge, use it at the dinner table for conversation, and, as I always say, teach it to your children!