I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture.  Jn 10:9
(Gate of Mercy; Old City Jerusalem)

They’re not “magic,” but they are mysterious: doorways into the Interior Life are all around you. In her coaching sessions, personal retreats, or parish events, Rose will lead you on an adventure to the heart of Christ. Rose’s signature talks stand alone or can be combined for a longer event. See Retreats and Missions.

With the Four Levels of Desire
Everyone wants to be happy,  but the quest for happiness can only succeed when we dare to enter the Interior Life. From the rich traditions of St. John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila, this talk addresses: the classic four levels of happiness, where we get stuck and why, the false difference between happiness and joy,  identifying idols, the one necessary thing to advance in happiness, and more.


With the Four Rules of Relationship
We can always look to Christ for the answers to any relationship problem, and this talk draws on the story of the rich young ruler (Mk 10:17-31). Rose reveals the veiled “rules of relationship” that can help you address conflict, remain detached, offer love, and remain peaceful and responsive rather than reactive.


With the Seven Stages of Romance
Rose draws from Scripture’s “spousal analogy” as a doorway into the interior life with Christ, the Bridegroom.  In the “seven stages,” you’ll discover where most people get stuck and why, the real difference between courtship and marriage, and how to advance in holiness through romance. For single, married, divorced, remarried, clergy, and religious: the entire Bride of Christ!


With the Four Pillars of Marriage
Going more deeply into Scripture’s “spousal analogy,” Rose also draws from St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and the four pillars of married love. If these four are not present, it is a relationship of sorts. . . but not a true marriage. This simple, reasonable, and powerful concept explains the Church’s teachings on marriage, annulment, and the logic behind all her teachings on sexual morality.


With the Classic Four Temperaments
For centuries, the Church has used this wisdom about standard human responses as a spiritual aid; not pop-psychology, it is a rich and nuanced study of how we are made in God’s image. Learn to emphasize your natural strengths, eliminate your weaknesses, speak the language of others, meet their deepest emotional needs, understand natural blends, effects of birth-order, “masking,” and more!


With the Five Questions
Relationship problems can arise from an inability to set a healthy boundary and (most importantly) enforce it without fear or anger. Rose counters the false idea that being Christian is being a doormat, and she reveals the times that Jesus walked away, let others leave him, did not heal others, and taught the reality of natural consequences.  The five questions will guide you in improving every relationship.


With the Five Remedies
Loss is a natural part of life but we have often lost our ability to grieve well.  Sickness, injustice, financial ruin, rejection, divorce, death, and more can keep us stuck in a place of great pain. Rose shares five remedies for sorrow that address the whole person, from the timeless teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas. Powerful, healing, and simple enough to teach your children!


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