Jesus said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest awhile.”  Mark 6:31
Photo credit: Marc Glassman, Mecca Canyons 2021

PERSONAL COACHING RETREAT With Rose – Customized just for you!
Escape to the beautiful California desert for a grace-filled time with Rose. Complete a personal questionnaire for a customized time of retreat, work, and coaching. We’ll focus on your particular dreams, hopes, fears, struggles, and goals. Get undivided attention, compassionate listening, and practical guidance, rooted in Ignatian spirituality as to making good choices in life. Leave encouraged, refreshed, and with a clear-cut action plan for less pain, more peace, better relationships!  Includes private room at a nearby hotel (tbd), cocktail reception, meals, materials, and limited follow-up support. Download BROCHURE. Get more INFO or  BOOK NOW.


PARISH/GROUP RETREATS & MISSIONS – Prepackaged or Customized For Your Group
These warm, inspiring events are about helping people find happiness by  PUTTING RELIGION into their RELATIONSHIPS.  These are new looks at old bible stories and saintly wisdom that include: fun exercises, relationship skills, small group breakouts, quiet reflection & prayer time, a full-length movie (weekend format only), and more. The Sacraments are available for weekend events. Sessions can includeHappiness * Grieving * Romance * Marriage * Relationships * Boundaries * Temperaments



Uncovering the Secrets of Saints and Mystics
Everyone wants to be happy . . . but the quest for happiness can only succeed when we dare to enter into the Interior Life. From the rich traditions of St. John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila, this event introduces the interior life and also includes: the three false joys, how to let God love you first, the four rules of relationship, the four marks of true love, the seven stages of romance, and the secrets of the mystical marriage.


An Adventure into the Interior Life
Marriage can never be our end-all-or-be-all but happiness can be ours if we get it right. Includes: the biggest problem in marriage & how to solve it,  what your spouse wants most from you, how to forgive and let go without resentment, the real power of prayer, how to really listen, the four rules of relationship, the four marks of true love, seven stages of romance, and much more.


An Adventure into All Your Relationships
Self-knowledge is an important part of the interior life and ultimately it leads us back to knowledge of God.  From the wisdom of the saints we look at the four classic temperaments as gifts and reflections of how we’re “made in his image.” This fun and inspiring topic will change and improve every relationship! Included: the four levels of happiness, four rules of relationship, your greatest strengths and weaknesses, and more.


How Real Romance Will Save Your Parish
What do these three have to do with each other? Everything. Drawing from St. John Paul’s “Theology of the Body” and the beautiful spousal analogy found in Scripture, you’ll learn the secrets of the Interior Life and the truth of intimate relationships (marriage).  Included are: the three false loves, the four rules of relationship, the four pillars of true love, the seven stages of romance, and much more.


An Adventure Into the Interior Life
After divorce, many hearts are torn open but that can be a time to allow God to rush in and fill them with his love and healing. Included are: the three false loves, how to let God love you, how to forgive and love those who have betrayed you, how to best help your children, how to move forward to true happiness, the four rules of relationship, how to redeem your suffering, where you can finally find love that lasts, and more.


AFTER DIVORCE – For Adult Children of Divorce
An Adventure into the Interior Life
Divorce wounds can be casually dismissed and go undetected for decades but, brought into the light of God’s love, can be healed. Included are: finding the right person to talk to,  how you carry old wounds into new relationships,  overcoming the fear of marriage or abandonment, getting rid of shame, forgiveness, setting and enforcing healthy boundaries, the four rules of relationship, the four marks of true love, learning to trust again, and more.


Schedule a day, weekend retreat, or parish mission. Suitable for teens and adults.