Jesus said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest awhile.”  Mark 6:31

Preparing for the Adventure
This warm and uplifting event is about getting back to life’s basics. It’s a special time to be drawn into a close encounter with Our Lord through a new look at old bible stories. Like the rich young ruler, you can bring your deep desires and burning questions to him by considering:

What really makes me happy and why does it elude me at times? Who is Christ to me? What does he have to say to me? How does he love me? Do I really believe him? What holds me back from making him the deepest desire of my heart? And, through my relationship with him, how do I then relate to and love others more profoundly?

Included is a fun welcome and introduction, talks, helpful exercises, small group breakouts, quiet time for reflection, meals, a full-length movie (weekend format only), and more. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is made available and the event ends with Mass. Sessions include:  The Way of Desire * The Way of the Bride *The Way of the Bridegroom * The Way of the Rabbi *The Way of the Cross

Schedule a day or weekend retreat or parish mission. Suitable for teens and adults.

Unveiling the Mystical Marriage
Spend time delving into the deepest mysteries of your desires as a hint to the very meaning of life! Are you still looking for your true purpose? Wondering what God’s plan is for you?  This is a fascinating look at God’s highest desire for you through the “spousal analogy” found in Scripture (Genesis, Hosea, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Song of Songs, Ephesians, Revelation, etal)  and all throughout creation.   Some of the treasures you’ll learn include:

“The Four Levels of Happiness” * “The Four Marks of Marriage” *“The Seven Stages of Romance”

Includes time for workshops, video,  prayer, quiet, small group sharing, and shared meals, end ending in the Sacred Liturgy in a way you’ve never experienced.  Sacrament of Reconciliation is recommended as well as a closing Mass. Talks include: The Way of Desire, The Way of the Bride, The Way of the Bridegroom.

Schedule for a day or weekend retreat or parish mission. Suitable for teens and adults.