You're not alone.

You’re not alone.

Do you need help with your relationships? Even when you develop the sharpest of communication skills and know how to speak someone’s “love language” you can still struggle with unhappiness. Why?

Usually because you have placed too much weight on a relationship. God has made you for himself and only he can satisfy the deepest desires of your heart. He gives us creation to enjoy and people to love to experience something of his great goodness,  as foretastes of his eternal beauty. But we get stuck adoring and pursuing creation, thus (perhaps inadvertently) relegating him to a lower order in our lives. We know we would be happy if only we could get, have, be (you fill in the blank). When we can’t get what we want, we storm heaven with requests and when things don’t go our way—especially our relationships—we ask where God was, demand how he could let this happen, and want to know what he plans to do about it.

We’ve got it all backward.

That’s where I can help because I understand that disordered view of life . . . and where it leads. Life, love, romance, success, health, money, and power are all great gifts from God but—like most of us—I loved them more than I loved God. There, I said it. And some days I still slip into this idolatrous mindset. When God’s gifts become more important than he is, we will be enslaved to them. We will be lost.

Jesus is “The Way” back to sanity and happiness. We just don’t have a “religion”, he IS our religion . . . the living God-man who shows us and leads us to the perfect love of the Father. He’s the Bridegroom who loves us so much he eternally lays his life down for us. He’s the Bread Come Down From Heaven who feeds us with himself. He’s the Life that gives us life, the real Love who we desire. He shows us how to be truly happy.

If you’re struggling with over-attachment and anxiety about an important relationship, I can provide clear, short-term mentoring, clarification, helpful teaching, and encouragement. No specific legal or financial advice; no psychological counseling . . . that belongs to those experts . . . but you’ll get plain and simple common sense. Relying on Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Theology of the Body, and many more rich spiritual treasures (plus decades of helping hundreds), I can help guide you to the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

I can help you “Put Your RELIGION in Your RELATIONSHIPS”. Contact me.

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