I found thee not, Lord, without, because I erred in seeking thee without that wert within. – St Augustine

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The Club is another doorway into the interior life, with weekly emails and fun stuff from Rose: struggling with suffering, finding love that lasts, healing your heartbreaks, dealing with divorce, helping your kids, getting along with those pesky people in your life, and many more ways to “Put Your RELIGION into your RELATIONSHIPS.”

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Members receive a weekly, short video  featuring Rose to help you to Put your RELIGION into your RELATIONSHIPS: love * marriage * parenting * desire * sex * personalities * boundaries * divorce * communication * workplace * financial * issues and more.   Infusing our faith into the daily details really works! 

* Temperament Tips

Your personality can easily complement—or clash—with another’s. Based on Rose’s Book “Personality PLUS At Work”, you’ll get practical advice on understanding yourself  more clearly and learning to love, or at least get along, with the most important people in your life.

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Email your most pressing questions and, making sure you remain anonymous, Rose will answer so that everyone can benefit from them. For a different view of things, get ready to put on your “Rose-colored glasses”!

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Your contribution can have far-reaching effects as more people learn easy  but life-changing ways to  “Put RELIGION into their RELATIONSHIPS”. By living and sharing what you receive, you’re helping to restore not just your own family but “the family” in general. Ours is a crumbling culture; restore the family and YOU help to restore the world!

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