To each individual the manifestation of the Spirit is given for some benefit. 1 Cor 12:7

An Adventure into All Your Relationships

Do you want to be able to better understand and love others?
Then learn to speak their language …  the language of the classic four temperaments! No longer do you have to be perplexed by, or at odds with, those who are not like you.

What is temperament?
Like hair and eye color, you’re born with it; it’s that way you inherently see the world and yourself in it, and how you naturally react to life. You already know this: some people are born optimists, others are pessimists. Some are loud and outgoing, others are quiet and reserved. This is because, made in his image, each temperament reflects something of the beauty and goodness of God. Temperaments are our gifts to the world but each speaks a different “language” that others often misunderstand: Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy, and Phlegmatic.

Is this just pop psychology?
No! This time-tested truth, first observed by Hippocrates in about 350 BC, has been a valuable spiritual aid for centuries and it can be a doorway into the interior life. By understanding yourself and others better, you can appreciate the differences (not resent them) and improve all your relationships. It’s fascinating and fun, and it’s definitely not a quick game or slapping a label on people. It’s powerful, it works, and it can let you see and love others as God does.

What will I learn?
first, where the other teachings are wrong!
The deepest emotional needs of each of the four
The greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses of each
How each controls (yes, they can all be “controlling”!)
The natural combinations (everyone is two, but no more)
How  and when “masking” can be disordered or virtuous
What makes each one depressed
How they best function in the workplace
The truth about the effects of birth order
How they each approach spirituality
Who they tend to marry and how they tend to parent
How introverts ARE like extroverts... and so much more!

So easy and fun that even children UNDERSTAND and LOVE it!

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