For Clergy & Seminarians

Can you speak the language of the laity? Rose offers easy-to-remember but powerful tools for reaching the heads and hearts of the people–in tough topics. These trainings can be tailored to your individual needs. Contact Rose to discuss options.

“The seminarians still talk about your day with us.  They were unanimous is saying it was one of the best!”
Rev. Thomas DeVries, Director of Spiritual Formation – St. Francis de Sales Seminary WI

Unveiling the Mystical Marriage in the Mass

This fun and informative presentation draws from Scripture’s spousal analogy and St. John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body”; Rose offers a simple yet profound way to understand and teach the laity the truths of Church teaching on the interior life, love, marriage, sexuality, and sacraments. Includes:

The Way of Desire
The Way of The Bride
The Way of the Bridegroom

Learning to Speak the Language of the Separated and Divorced
Drawing on twenty years’ in divorce ministry, Rose offers you the practical how-to’s and what-not-to-says of working with the separated and divorced. Their emotions are high and their questions are many; this day will equip you with the tools to explain complex Church teachings and to establish an ongoing ministry in your parish or diocese, offering hope and healing to them and their families.  Includes mini-training in:

The Catholic’s DIVORCE SURVIVAL Program

Advocate Pastoral Training
This 1/2 day training goes beyond Canon law, grounds, and procedure to the heart of helping the parties: how to deal with intense emotions, explaining the process, helping them with the Petition or Response, asking the questions no one wants to ask, and more.  Do you know how to explain marriage validity in a way they can really understand? What to say when they can’t prove a case, the truth about internal forum, how to inspire the choice to live as brother and sister, and much more.  Advocate work is evangelism and can lead to deep conversions and spiritual maturity.


  • Our Lady of Good Counsel, pray for us.