“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matt 11:28

It doesn’t matter if you wanted the divorce or not, are the one who left or filed, or were abandoned . . . the wounds are there for everyone, including the children and extended family, and they are deep. Rose offers help for everyone who is hurting.

Rose is a leading expert in the pastoral issues surrounding separation, divorce, Catholic Decree of Nullity, remarriage, and blended families. After surviving a long history of abandonment, pain. and shame of civil divorce herself, she’s ministered to the divorced and remarried for over twenty-five years. Rose has authored numerous books on the subject and created the landmark “SURVIVING DIVORCE”  video series used in hundreds of parishes across the US, Canada, and 13 other countries. She also works with diocesan tribunals in advocating for Catholic parties in the annulment process. Rose knows that answers, hope, and healing are found first in the interior life; she offers practical reality with her characteristic heart and even much-needed humor. Whether to inform a general audience or to focus on specific divorce-annulment issues, her talks stand alone or can be combined to create a longer event.

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AFTER DIVORCE – The Weekend Retreat
Powerful life-changing event, no matter how long it has been. After divorce people are much more aware of  the deep thirst that needs quenching … particularly in all their relationships. To get to the heart of hope and healing, the weekend helps you go deeper into the interior life by exploring:

What the Church really teaches about love, marriage, and sex. Will I ever fully heal from divorce? What makes me happy and why does it elude me at times? Who is Christ to me? What does he have to say to me? How does he love me? What does he offer me? Do I really believe him? What holds me back from receiving his living water in the daily details of my life? and, on a practical level, HOW DO I INCORPORATE ALL THIS INTO MY RELATIONSHIPS?

Included in the weekend is a fun welcome and introduction, talks, helpful exercises, small group breakouts, quiet time for reflection, meals, a full-length movie, and more. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is made available and the event ends with Mass. Sessions include: The Way of Desire * The Way of the Bride *The Way of the Bridegroom * The Way of the Rabbi * The Way of the Cross

Available as: Day of Reflection (Saturday) followed by Mass  OR Friday Night/Saturday with Vigil Mass  OR Friday – Sunday Weekend Retreat OR Three Day Mission

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DVD Parish Program

With Support and Leader Training

Rose offers FOUR stand-alone events that can be combined to help a parish or diocese roll out this landmark divorce healing series (SURVIVING DIVORCE – Hope and Healing for the Catholic Family).

FOR CLERGY –  Ministry Training Workshop   3 hours
This presentation is designed for clergy and religious who minster to the divorced on any level and includes: how to be pastorally sensitive and still uphold the truth, what the separated or divorced person really wants from you, what never to say to the separated or divorced, how to explain basic Church teachings on marriage/ divorce/ annulment/ remarriage so people can UNDERSTAND, pitfalls to avoid, and more. Includes a summary of the program mechanics, how to get the program running smoothly,  and support for finding and training parish leaders.

You know canon law, but do you know how to effectively reach the party you’re assisting?  The annulment (decree of nullity) process can be confusing, grueling, and even humiliating to some, but is also an opportunity to minster to the heart and soul of the wounded. A chance to practice ALL SEVEN of the spiritual works of mercy, offer love and friendship, and call the person to deeper personal conversion. Emotional outbursts, fear and reticence, angry questions? Worry no more. Rose shows you the true “logic of pastoral care.”

FOR PARISH GROUP LEADERS –  Training Day  6 hours
Based on twenty-five years of facilitating small divorce healing groups at the parish level, Rose packs the day full with practical information on planning, starting, and running the program. She brings best practices to those who want to lead  or those who are already ministering to the divorced. The day offers insight into people’s deepest desires, their temperaments, how to handle the tough topics, managing group dynamics, etiquette, confidentiality, trouble-shooting, avoiding pitfalls, and promoting the group diocese wide. Includes expanded discussion on understanding and explaining a Catholic Decree of Nullity.

FOR THE PEOPLE –  An Evening for the Divorced and Those Who Love Them  2-3 hours

In addition to working with divorced and remarried couples, Rose has personal experience as a first wife, second wife, and stepmother. She brings offers practical wisdom with warmth and wit, letting the separated or divorced person know they are loved, that the Church is here, help is available, and there is hope. Whether it’s about forgiveness, loneliness, anger, depression, annulment, remarriage and reception of Sacraments ( or other Church teachings on sexual and relationship morality ) Rose clearly draws on her experience as a lay advocate, Scripture, the Catechism, and Theology of the Body for answers that satisfy intellectually and emotionally. Includes open time for Q & A.

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