Want to expand your tribe and increase sales?

Let me assist you in developing GREAT CONTENT to supplement your individual coaching: masterclasses, webinars, lead generating downloads, and more.  I know you have many hidden treasures that, together, we can discover and bring to market. Ready for more?


I’m a California girl, raised in the picturesque and historic “Gold Country,” and I’d love to be your  personal “forty-niner.” I’ll dig to discover the riches in your experience, style, and heart. Together we’ll create powerful, timely content that you can sell to the exploding Stand Tall Today client list!


We’ll explore all the facets that are uniquely you so that your brand, your message, and your content will be personal and relevant. Where have you been? What have you learned? What do you have to say? How can you best guide, encourage, and inspire others?


We’ll excavate all your excellent ideas, extract the most beautiful and powerful, and eliminate those that may have less impact. What do others need from you? How can you best reach their head and their heart? Of all the wisdom you have to offer, what is the most meaningful, powerful, and necessary for today?


We’ll examine your style, color preferences, brand, and more to make you shine! Do you already have a brand? We’ll incorporate it or consider something new and fresh. Do you want to polish something you already have? Are you ready for a change? Are there other coaching styles and techniques you admire?


We’ll create organized and easily accessible files for your classes, imagery, content, and PowerPoint slides that convey your most precious and valuable messages. Once these are finished, you can offer them over and over to new clients—with no new work for you.


$499 – Basic Content Coaching
Based on your existing brand; includes a finished list of your best presentations ready for slide/PowerPoint creation.

$749 – Basic Content Plus One PowerPoint Presentation
Based on your existing brand; includes a finished list of your best presentations and creation of one PowerPoint (branding, imagery, content). You’ll be able to use this to create additional PowerPoints on your own.

$999 – Basic Content plus Three PowerPoint Presentations
Based on your existing brand; Your classes offered through the coaching website have the capacity to reach thousands each month. At the minimum profit to you, each finished product can easily “weigh-in” at $1,000 or more.

Don’t yet have a BRAND? Okay . . . what sets YOU apart? If you’ve just started, or want a facelift or rebranding, let’s explore how best to package YOU and all your best strengths and services.  Identify your: Brand, Clients, Services, Products.  After this, you’re ready for creating (a) the perfect website and (b) saleable product.

Ready to “strike it rich” in great content? Schedule a 15-minute free consult with me now. Click HERE.